Use life insurance quotes to make a double saving before costs rise

Over the last few weeks life insurance customers will have been dealt a double dose of urgency, as plans to increase the cost of life insurance for women, straight from Brussels, and then plans to increase the cost of life insurance by closing a tax loophole, this time from our own chancellor have hit home.

At life insurance quotes we are all for trying to save you money, and that’s why we offer a service where you type in your details once, we search all the biggest life insurance providers in the UK, and present you with a table of results, showing you which ones offer you the cheapest cover, and which ones offer you the best features.

Having already made one set of savings by using the life insurance quotes comparison service, you can make a second set of savings by taking out life insurance between now and December, if you’re female and want to avoid the new EU sexism in insurance rulings, and now and next April if you want to take advantage of the lower prices offers by life insurance companies whilst they can still take advantage of a gaping hole in the way they are taxed.

Unfortunately, as with everything in life it seems these days, it’s you the consumer who are set to lose out, as the additional costs incurred by the various insurance providers inevitably get passed onto the customers. The biggest advantage of an increase in cost is that life insurance policies come with a fixed premium for the lifetime of the policy, which is usually 25-30 years.

If you buy your life insurance today, any increases in the cost of providing an insurance service for the insurer won’t affect you next year, or in five years time as your premium is fixed, and you won’t ever have to pay anymore.

It’s also the reason to take out as much cover as you can whilst you are young, as you pay a lot less for life insurance in your 20s than you will do if you apply in your late 30s and 40s.

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