Twice as many men would shop around for a car than life insurance

Shocking new research from one of the largest online comparison websites has revealed that twice as many men would shop around for a new car, looking for the cheapest deal, than they would for their life insurance.

According to research by 54% of men shop around for the cheapest car, but only 1 in 3 will shop around for their life insurance, most likely explaining the difference in cost between life insurance for men and women.

Whilst women pay less for life insurance generally, being statistically less likely to die, part of the 26% difference in cost can be attributed to a women’s natural inclination to shop around, whilst a man will naturally levitate towards brands and shops he’s always used.

Whilst men may be loyal to one bank or insurer, women are more likely to log onto websites like Life Insurance Quotes, where they can compare the different types of life insurance against each other, before searching for quotes from the biggest life insurance providers in one place, making sure they get themselves the cheapest deal.

The research also looked into the shopping habits of both men and women and found that the general mantra that men think women spend too long shopping, and women don’t think men look around enough when shopping was generally true.

One question asked about the length of time taken to buy an outfit for an event, and nearly three quarters of women admitted to spending around five hours, whilst over half the men asked would have the shopping done in under an hour.

The research also looked at their grocery shopping habits, with over half of men just going to the same shop every time, but 75% of women shopping in different stores to make sure they don’t pay over the odds.

Men should spend more time looking for the best life insurance quotes, as a £10 difference in price now equates to a £3000 difference over 25 years, not a saving to be laughed at.

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