Save over £7000 by comparing life insurance online

Customers who compare life insurance policies online can save over £7000 over their life time, enough to buy a small family car. The internet has made a huge difference to the way in which we are able to buy life insurance, and here at life insurance quotes we’ve been providing customers with huge savings on their life insurance policies for years.

Whilst customers have always been able to get a quote from as many life insurance providers as they liked, before the internet became mainstream those customers would have had to ring each individual insurer, give their details to each one of the phone, before getting a quote, often written through the post. The process would take half an hour for each call, so comparing the life insurance price of 20 different policies could easily take an entire day.

Fortunately the internet, and sites like life insurance quotes have made everything an awful lot easier, and customers now simply enter their details once, before being able to compare life insurance prices from the leading insurers in one place.

What’s more, with a typical customer saving £20 a month on their life insurance by comparing different life insurance policies, the difference in cost over a typical 30 year term of a policy is staggering.

It’s not just life insurance where customers can save money. One of the most popular forms of insurance comparison online is car insurance, where customers regularly find the difference between the most expensive insurance quote and the cheapest is thousands of pounds. Even the difference between a customer’s renewal notice and the cheapest life insurance policy is often hundreds of pounds, highlighting the importance of comparing insurance products online.

With more and more people seeing the benefits of shopping online every year, and the huge time saving nature of the internet, getting a quote can take just minutes, and allow customers to save a small fortune.

Customers looking to compare life insurance should take advantage of the current low prices before changes to the taxation of life insurance in the winter increase the cost for everyone.

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