New Life Insurance video shows customers what happens when a parent dies with life cover

A new video which has been released by leading life insurance provider, Aviva shows customers just how important it is to have life insurance cover when you are a parent.

The video, which will be available online from July 12th, shows the affect not having life insurance can have on the family left behind, and has been created for life insurance advisors to show their customers.

Life insurance can be quite a difficult subject to talk about, but the footage from the video shows how important the cover is, without having to actually talk about it in person.

Featuring head of marketing, Louise Colley, and the founder of the charity Greif Encounter, Shelley Gilbert, the video really highlights the impact financially a death to one of the parents in a family can have.

Ms Gilbert explains, “At a time when families need even more security, not having financial security in place is a huge burden in their already troubled worlds. It is therefore vital that parents take those few minutes to make sure that should the unexpected happen, their loved ones are cared for.”

Colley revealed that the film was made as part of the Aviva protection awareness campaign that they launched early last year, and would work alongside TV adverts and a print press campaign.

She added, “When we heard how it feels from a child’s perspective, we felt that we had to share this with advisers as this is something no parent would want their child to experience. The reality is shocking but we hope this film will help advisers and their clients to understand the true importance of having life insurance.”

To watch the video, visit after July 12, where you’ll be able to see the film first hand.


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