New HMRC life insurance tax relief revealed.

The HMRC have revealed new stricter limits on tax relief available on life insurance policies, which was been used to reduce the cost of life insurance policies.

The plans were announced in the budget in April, but the exact extent of the plans has only been revealed this week. From 6th April 2013, tax relief on life insurance policies will be limited to £3,600 a year, with transitional rules applying to all policies taken out between 21 March this year and 5th April 2013.

In 1968, the government introduced a scheme which would see special rules apply to life insurance policies whereby investment gains would in some cases not be subject to corporation tax.

The new rules will see an increase in the cost of life insurance policies, as life insurance providers can no longer take advantage of tax breaks in the same way. With just £3,600 worth of relief each year instead of the relief currently experienced customers face paying more as the costs to run life insurance policies increase for the companies offering life insurance.

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