Look after your children’s future with Life Insurance

Here at lifeinsurancequotes.co.uk we’ve always tried to make the reasons for getting life insurance as simple as possible. We understand that some people currently look at life insurance as a waste of money. We also understand that for some people life insurance is a cost they are considering doing without, because of their financial situation.

We do however want to make sure you understand the risks you take, and the risks on behalf of your children that you take when you don’t have life insurance. Simply put, life insurance provides a customer’s family with a lump sum payment in the event of the customer’s death. Customers generally take out life insurance during the term during which they are paying off their mortgage and are still financially responsible for their children.

If you were to die with your mortgage half paid off, and two children under the age of ten, your family will receive a huge lump sum payment which can be used to pay off the mortgage, guaranteeing the family somewhere to live, and to provide enough money to bring up the children in one of their parents absence.

Think about the costs your partner will face trying to bring up your children without your income to help them. Who will pay the mortgage? If your partners salary covers the mortgage, who will pay the household bills, and pay for the children’s school clothes?

Think about the cost of swimming lessons, scout camps, holidays and all the other school trips and activities your children may want to do. Add to that the cost of university and you’ll start to realise the importance of leaving money behind if you can’t be around to provide for your family financially.

Life insurance provides total peace of mind, and is hugely important to anyone wanting to look after their family. Protection insurance may seem unimportant, and something you can live without, but if the worst happens, it’s something your family could not cope without.

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