Life Insurance as vital as daily spending – Jonathan Davis

The founder and managing director of Jonathan Davis Wealth Management has echoed the sentiments of the team here at Life Insurance Quotes this week be revealing his thoughts on the public attitude to life insurance companies.

Life Insurance Quotes are desperate to raise awareness about the importance of life insurance policies in the modern age, and are frequently concerned about the reports released which show the huge life insurance deficit in the UK.

Jonathan Davis revealed that he too was concerned about the difference between Britain’s cover, and the ideal level of cover that should be taken out, and urges those with financial responsibilities to carefully consider their options.

Davis revealed, “It is like everything – you think you don’t need it until you do.

“Clearly it is not as urgent as eating everyday, but the reality is if something detrimental happens to the main earner, to the family or the main carer, then there is no financial provision.”

Davis also talked about the common situation where main earners died, leaving the family in a real hole, with their financial situation often forcing them out of the family home.

Davis also talked about how important income protection can be, especially to customers who are self employed, or work in roles which require a certain level of health.

Davis pointed to the most recent research from Sainsbury’s, which showed that just 31% of unmarried couples have life insurance policies in place, whilst 39% of married couples have the cover.

Whatever your marital situation, you should make sure you have the right cover in place, especially if you have children to think about.

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