Life insurance and critical illness cover provide total peace of mind

Customers looking for total peace of mind to protect their income stream for the benefit of their family need to look no further than critical illness insurance and life insurance. While a mortgage and children are two of the biggest financial responsibilities that anyone will ever take on in their lives, meeting financial responsibilities is relatively simple if you have a job. Whilst unemployment can provide a slight break in income, only death or critical illness can put a permanent stop to your ability to work, and to your ability to meet your financial commitments.

Life insurance and critical illness insurance protect against both of these different scenarios, providing the customer with a lump sum payment in the case of critical illness cover, or the family of the customer in the case of life insurance, which can be used to pay the mortgage and other household bills, at least until the family find alternate ways to meet life’s financial costs.

Mortgage life insurance provides customers with an insurance policy which will totally pay off their mortgage, and can guarantee a customer’s family somewhere to live should the worst happen.

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