Guarantee your family somewhere to live with life insurance

Customers can guarantee their family somewhere to live for the rest of their lives with life insurance, and go to sleep with total peace of mind that their loved ones will always have a roof over their head.

Despite now being a difficult economic time for everyone, you should not skimp on your insurance cover, and protecting against the worst is really important. Life insurance provides customers with a lump sum payment to their families should the customer lose their life, and that payment can be used to pay off the mortgage.

There are thousands of families every year who lose a loved one to death, and then cannot afford to pay the mortgage, falling further and further into arrears before having their home repossessed and being left homeless. With life insurance, you can be sure that if the worst happened to you, that your family would be left with enough money to pay off their mortgage, guaranteeing them somewhere to live.

Most customers have a life insurance policy which will also leave enough money to meet household bills while the family get back on their feet, and any extra money can be used to help pay for your children to go to university, or to help towards their first house deposits.

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