Enjoy freedom with a life insurance policy

You never know what life may throw at you, and the events at White Hart Lane on Saturday evening just prove that. Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba remains in hospital in a critical condition after having a heart attack and collapsing on the football pitch, despite being described by his peers as one of the fittest players in the Premier League.

You can’t account for the unexpected

You can’t account for the unexpected and that’s why life can be a scary thing sometimes. Rather than worrying about it, you’re best to live life to the full, but to offer your family some protection along the way.

Life Insurance provides customers with an insurance policy which will pay out to their family a lump sum if the unexpected does happen. You can buy life insurance over a set term, usually the length of a mortgage, or for your whole life, but it allows you to live life with a freedom and knowledge that if the worst was to happen, you’d still be covered.

Popular life insurance

Term life insurance is by far the most popular form of life insurance in the UK, largely because it’s the cheapest, but also because it gives customers the protection they need when they need it the most.

Event’s like those on Saturday will leave some people wondering why they take risks, like the strain they put on their heart playing sport, but if you lived your life avoiding risks, you’d live a pretty boring life.

Lump sum payment

By knowing that if the worst happened your family would be left with a lump sum payout that would pay off their mortgage, guaranteeing them somewhere to live, and money to life off whilst they get themselves back on their feet, you’re still able to enjoy living your life, partaking in activities that excite you and challenge you, with one less worry on your mind.

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