Consider critical illness cover with life insurance

There are two main incidents in life that can truly stop you being able to provide for your family. One if death, and the other is critical illness. Whilst most customers who have a mortgage and children will have life insurance to look after their family if they die, not so many have critical illness insurance.

Whilst those customers may point to their company sick pay policies, in truth how long will your company carry on paying you far? With many sick pay policies only lasting six months, even the best ones, customers who are off work for longer, which is perfectly feasible with many critical illnesses, face losing out on income.

Critical illness insurance will provide a customer who is diagnosed with a critical illness and survives the survival period with a lump sum payment, which can be used to pay for private medical care, to supplement lost income, or even just to pay off the remainder of the mortgage to make things financially easier at home.

There are up to 160 different critical illnesses covered, depending on your insurer, and critical illness cover makes the perfect companion for life insurance.

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