Calls for life insurance companies to give HIV patients a break

This week has seen renewed calls in the life insurance sector for life insurance companies to make it easier for customers who are HIV positive to apply for life insurance. While positive steps have been made in making the cover available to those with the illness, the actual process for applying for life insurance whilst you are HIV positive takes up to five times longer than customers who are not.

In just a year, the percentage of companies offering HIV patients come form of life insurance has increased from 33%, to 50%. Whilst this move has been welcomed by HIV campaigners, they still aren’t happy about the amount of time it takes for an application to be processed by the life insurance companies.

With standard customer’s applications taking around 5 weeks, some companies are taking as long as 26 weeks to process a customer with HIV’s application, taking over five times as long. One of the biggest complaints revolves around asking patients for additional blood tests, despite already having the test results from the patient’s doctors.

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