Brits would give ten pound a month to their family, but not leave thousands behind

New research has revealed that over half of Britons would be happy to give away £10 every month to help a family member, yet less than that have life insurance, which would potentially leave their family tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds more behind.

According to Bright Grey, a life insurance specialist, their research found that a quarter of adults in the UK would give £10 a month to charity, and that 19% would keep the money for themselves.

39% admitted they wouldn’t miss £10 a month, and 45% of men answered that they wouldn’t miss £10, showing that women are far more careful with their money.

Proposition Director Roger Edwards at the firm explained, “Most people would be keen to invest the money into their family or to help those less fortunate than themselves, which is great, but few suggest that they would keep the money and put it towards their own lifestyle or to help protect their own future.”

Here at lifeinsurancequotes we believe there are many other ways to spend £10 each month, including using that money to take out a life insurance policy, which could leave your family with money should the worst happen to you.

Mr Edwards at Bright Grey agrees, explaining, “As little as £10 per month can provide people with up to £200,000 worth of vital life cover that can protect their families against the financial risks associated with the main source of household income, losing their life.

Life Insurance is growing in popularity according to LifeSearch, one of the largest providers of life insurance in the UK, who revealed that the last week in May saw their largest ever week for life insurance sign ups.

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