Aviva pay out Guardian reader’s life insurance after nightmare year

In a recent survey we wrote about here at Life Insurance Quotes it was revealed that a huge percentage of people in Britain thought that life insurance companies would do anything in their power to get out of paying claims where possible. The opposite can be said about insurer Aviva this month after a reader wrote into the Guardian newspaper after his wife was mis sold life insurance by a broker years ago.

The reader and his wife had a £63,000 interest only mortgage, and the reader’s wife had always told the reader not to worry about the house as she had taken out a £63,000 life insurance policy. Unfortunately the reader’s wife passed away last year, leaving the reader with a £7,500 payout because the policy was actually a reducing term policy, where the amount paid out reduces as the customer gets older.

The policy was provided by Hamilton Life Assurance, who did nothing wrong as the policy was sold by a broker, and who are now owned by Aviva. After attempting to claim being mis sold to, the writer finally wrote into the paper in desperation and was pleasantly surprised when Aviva, who didn’t even own Hamilton at the time agreed to pay the difference between the mortgage outstanding and the policy pay out, as no customer with an interest only mortgage should have a reducing term life insurance policy.

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