Advise Insurance Life

What is advice insurance life?

Advice insurance life provides customers with an insurance policy which will pay out a tax free lump sum to the family of a customer who loses their life, and is one of the most important types of insurance policy a customer will ever take out.

Advise insurance life provides customers with total peace of mind, that should the worst happen, money will be left behind to look after their financial responsibilities, making sure that their family can pay off their mortgage and afford to bring up their children.

Why do I need advise insurance life?

Advice insurance life is important to anyone who has financial responsibilities, like children or a mortgage. Customers who are seeking advice insurance life should consider what would happen to their household finances if they were to die tomorrow and not earn any money anymore. The majority of families would end up unable to afford to pay the mortgage, and would be in financial difficulties, especially if you add in the added costs of child care as a result of only having one person in the family to look after children.

Your advice insurance life policy will payout a lump sum payment which can be used to pay off the mortgage, and will guarantee your family somewhere to live for their rest of their lives. The remainder of the money can then be used to help ends meet until the family find a way back on their feet, and can also be used to help pay towards school trips, uniforms and university for any children left behind.

Types of advice insurance life?

When you seek advice insurance life, you will notice that there are two main types of life insurance. Term life insurance provides customers with life insurance over a certain term, and is the most popular, and also the cheapest form of life insurance. Term life insurance is usually offered alongside a mortgage, and is rarely offered to customers beyond their 60th birthday, meaning the majority of customers will outlive their policy.

The other form of life insurance is whole life insurance, which provides customers with life insurance for their whole lives, and will pay out whether they die aged 30 or 130. Whole life insurance is around eight times more expensive than term life insurance, but does offer a guaranteed return on investment.

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